The Angel Oak on Johns Island

Johns Island

The second largest island on the Eastern Seaboard behind only Long Island in New York is Johns Island. Johns Island has maintained a rural feeling and with many local farms providing much of the fresh fruits and vegetables served in Charleston’s finest restaurants and elsewhere. Johns Island tomatoes are famous (and delicious).

The famous Angel Oak on Johns Island (pictured at the top left) is believed to be over 1400 years old and is 65 feet high with a circumference of 25.5 feet. The area of shade is an amazing 17,000 square feet which is approximately 4/10 of an acre!

Johns Island is becoming a sought after place to live for residents attracted by the pristine environment with lots generally a little larger than what you’ll find elsewhere in the area and yet only a 15 minute drive from Charleston due to the opening of two new bridges. Surrounded by rivers and marsh and driving down winding country roads with great live oaks towering overhead, Johns Island is truly a beautiful place to call home. Growth is inevitable but in order to leave as much of Johns Island as unspoiled as possible, it has been strictly limited to specified areas.

search Find Johns Island area homes for sale in these featured neighborhoods.

  • Gift Plantation
  • Grimball Gates 
  • Kiawah River Estates
  • Headquarters and Rushland Plantation
  • The Villages in St. Johns Woods

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