Charleston neighborhood sales prices

Neighborhood Sales Prices

Everyone seems to want to know how much their home is worth and how much other homes in their neighborhood have sold for. Property values are one of the most popular searches on the Internet and it’s almost a hobby for some people.

That’s one of the reasons automated home valuation sites like Zillow with their home “zestimates” and other similar websites are so popular today. There are limitations however with automated valuations and many of those websites have wide discrepancies in the home valuations returned as results. In some cases, a lack of accurate comparable homes can create significant errors in the results provided. Zillow even admits a margin of error in valuing your home by as much as 10%. I have seen worse.

What automated home valuation sites cannot do is account for lot premiums or upgrades to a home. For example, two similarly sized homes in the same neighborhood could return similar values even though one might be sitting on a premium lot with a great view and have a completely updated and upgraded interior. If you are serious about selling your home, you need a professional local opinion of your home’s value. 

When you request information on home sales in a neighborhood, the Charleston MLS provides the most accurate data as possible and a professional real estate agent can fine tune the results to help you set a realistic price for your home. You’ll have real Charleston real estate home values to help you make a better decision.

If you would like prices for both currently active and recently sold properties in either the neighborhood where you currently live or a neighborhood you might be interested in moving to, please fill out the form and put the name of the neighborhood in the subject box. I’ll send your requested information by email as quickly as possible.

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