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Some of you will be relocating to Charleston because of a job transfer or you might be considering relocation to Charleston in order to find a new job. Others may be considering retirement in Charleston or maybe to buy either a second home or vacation home.

When I started in the real estate industry, I thought I would be very good at helping people relocate to Charleston because I had relocated quite a few times in my previous career. And as a result, I have helped many people happily relocate to the Charleston area in the years that I have been a Charleston real estate agent.

In the “old days”, we used to send a bunch of magazines, a map, tourist guides and coupons adding up to at least 5 pounds of paper stuffed into a big envelope and mail it to anyone who was interested in moving to Charleston. That is what used to be referred to as a Charleston relocation guide.

Times have changed.

Today, anyone who is interested in relocating wants helpful information on the Charleston area, relevant and timely information regarding schools along with listings of homes for sale that meet their wants and needs.

Basically, if you are thinking about moving to Charleston, there are 3 important considerations for you to keep in mind when choosing where to live.

  1. Schools, if you have school age children
  2. The location of your workplace
  3. What you enjoy doing

You can find current school and Charleston area information. If you would like (and I hope you will), I can also provide you with additional information about the Charleston area specifically tailored to your interests. Just ask.  

Please let me know your price range, the minimum square footage and the minimum number of bedrooms you want and the type of home you are looking for. The more you can narrow your criteria and tell me anything else that might be important to you will enable me to send you the most meaningful Charleston home listings.

If you are relocating to Charleston, I’m looking forward to helping you! 
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