Charleston South Carolina property tax

[4%] South Carolina property taxes for primary residences

Property taxes in South Carolina are reasonably low if, and it’s a big IF, your home is your primary residence and you have applied for the 4 percent ratio. Homes are not automatically taxed at 4 percent unless you apply.

Property tax bills get mailed out in October and are due in mid January. In many cases, you don’t pay your bill directly but it is paid out of your escrow account set up with your mortgage lender if you have a mortgage.

But it’s important to take a look at your bill and make sure that if your home is your primary residence that you are being taxed at the correct 4 percent ratio. If it says 6 percent in the box, taxes won’t be just a little bit higher but more than double (don’t ask me how that calculates but it does).

And if you happen to be 65 years old and higher, you also qualify for a homestead deduction on the first $50,000 of the assessed value of your home and needless to say, you have to apply for that as well.

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